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  1. CAFR Unlimited is a complete Ad-Hoc report writer, letting the user design and produce almost any format of report that they may conceive.

  2. CAFR Unlimited will accept nearly any account structure up to 50 characters in length.

  3. CAFR Unlimited can import your G/L data from either an ASCII file or an EXCEL file.

  4. CAFR Unlimited has the ability to let the user import 'Cash Basis' numbers if necessary, make the appropriate journal entries to take those numbers to 'GAAP' or 'Modified Accrual' basis and then make the additional journal entries to take the numbers to 'GASB-34' or 'Full Accrual' basis.

  5. CAFR Unlimited allows the user to build reports on 'Non-GAAP', 'GAAP' and 'Entity-wide' basis.

  6. CAFR Unlimited provides the tools to let the user roll-up or combine virtually any group of accounts whether or not they are related by account number, into any row or column.

  7. CAFR Unlimited provides the 'Net' amount of any adjustment period so the user can create the reconciliation that accompanies some statements.

  8. CAFR Unlimited can produce the numeric or spreadsheet portion of the 'Notes'.

  9. CAFR Unlimited allows unlimited (limited of course only by disk space and the 2Gig limit of ACCESS) years of data to be stored in the database, thus providing the user many historical resources that may not be available otherwise.

  10. CAFR Unlimited is designed in such a way that it is a great learning aid for those entities with limited resources. For instance, if an entity has been used to the financial statements being prepared by their auditor and now wants to prepare the statements themselves because of recent independence issues, this software will assist them in doing that with little or no expertise in prior report preparation.

  11. CAFR Unlimited produces basically 'Camera-Ready' reports. The reports are directly placed into EXCEL as they are produced allowing the user to take them to .pdf, WORD or whatever other publication software desired.

  12. CAFR Unlimited provides a development and technical support staff with over 13 years of government report production experience.

  13. CAFR Unlimited has many more features send us feedback for more details.

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